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Spillplate System

The Croftsure Spillplate System is a fully adjustable, easily constructed, modular heavy-duty system which is used at conveyor loading points.

The Spillplates, which are part of the system, can be independently mounted on fully adjustable heavy duty, plate supports or fitted onto a loading chute.

The Croftsure Heavy-duty Impact Bed has internal adjustable mounting brackets to accept the Spillplate system. The Spillplates should be as close to the belt as safety possible, and of sufficient length to control the material effectively.


Spillplate System Image



  • Easy installation
  • Reduced downtime
  • Quick action
  • Adjustment for various skirt thicknesses
  • Zinc plated steelwork
  • Stainless construction available


Spillplate System Image 1Spillplate System Image 2Spillplate System Image 3