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Special Projects

Croftsure Engineering is often asked to provide solutions to a wide range of problems associated with the handling, transfer and conveying of bulk materials.

We are happy to visit site and freely offer our advice. Should the customer then be interested in our proposals we will undertake the design and manufacture together with installation when required.

A typical example of this is a project undertaken for Cleveland Potash Mine in the north east of England.

Cleveland Potash Mine

Dust Encapsulation Image 1We were asked to design and manufacture, for underground use, a structure which would carry a fully loaded conveyor belt carrying run-of-mine potash through an air lock wall. The material was to be allowed to travel through the wall on the belt, but air pressure loss was to be minimal.


This was achieved by passing the conveyor belt through a 7 metre long steel enclosure containing banks of shaped, hardwearing rubber curtains. These wrapped around the product when the belt was loaded, but sealed the enclosure when the belt was empty.

Cleveland Potash now have 6 of these units in place.

Dust Encapsulation Image 2Dust Encapsulation Image 3

Swarf Conveyors

Swarf Conveyors An unusual project was the design, manufacture and installation of a Swarf Conveying system.

Two lines of automatic metal cutting saws were previously depositing the Swarf into individual bins which then had to be manhandled to skips.


Two underfloor conveyors were installed, receiving the Swarf directly from the saws.

These then transferred onto a third conveyor outside the building before unloading into a skip.

The outlet chute could swivel between two skips when required.


Skid Mounted Loading Point

Skid Mounted Loading Point The loss of production through downtime when building or moving a conveyor, was another problem for Cleveland Potash.

To help reduce the downtime, a croftsure loading point was mounted on a 5 meter long, rsj sledge, together with a heavy duty tailbox and return belt plough.

The unit could be dragged into position, anchored to the floor and the conveyor belt pulled on in a fraction of the time taken to construct a conventional tail end loading point.



Stone Rumbling System

The sharp edges of sawn stone building blocks needed to be distressed to achieve a "hand cut" appearance. Pallets of stone were tipped into a moving bed feed hopper and then transferred by conveyor to a rubber-lined rumbler.

The stone exited the rumbler onto a receiving conveyor, the dust and stone swarf dropping through onto a smaller dust conveyor

Stone Rumbling System Image 1Stone Rumbling System Image 2Stone Rumbling System Image 3


Small Modular Conveyor

These small modular conveyors were designed for use underground at Cleveland Potash Mine.

With a 600mm wide belt driven by a motorised drum, they are used to transfer roadway plainings onto the main trunk belts.

Supplied with adjustable hopper and loading area, the conveyor is quickly bolted together in 2 metre modules with integral idler supports.

Small Modular  Conveyor Image 1Small Modular  Conveyor Image 2Small Modular  Conveyor Image 3



Heavy Duty Plough

A low height return belt plough with 40mm thick polyurethane blades which are adjusted automatically for blade wear by the use of springs set into the blade.


Small Tangential Scraper

Designed for use on narrow belts, the construction if this scraper allows it to be fitted into conveyor head ends where space is a problem. Adjustments can be internal or external.


Tail End Loading Points

Designed for use where headroom is restricted underground, these loading points can be supplied in various lengths and configurations.

Generally supplied on a skid base they may have a heavy duty tailbox, grizzly, skirt plates or idlers supports included.