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Heavy Duty Impact Bed

The Croftsure Heavy Duty Impact Bed is used where high impact is likely on the conveyor belt, causing belt damage, idler failure, spillage and belt wander.

Fitted at the conveyor loading point, it replaces Impact Idlers, and is a fully stiffened, heavy duty structure, with robust energy-absorbing dampers and hard wearing 25mm thick low friction polyethylene slider bars.

The inner damper-supported table deflects and absorbs the shock, whilst the fixed outer wings provide a flat bed for excellent skirt sealing. This can be supplied as an integral part of the unit.

Heavy Duty Impact Bed Image
  • Extends belt life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces spillage
  • Lengths to suite area
  • Belt sizes 750-2200mm
Heavy Duty Impact Bed Image 1Heavy Duty Impact Bed Image 2Heavy Duty Impact Bed Image 3